What is a sleeping bag ?

Qu'est ce qu'une turbulette ?

Our advice


Because we only want the best for our children, minimoon Canada only uses the best materials. Here are some tips for the maintaining the elegance and softness on our sleeping bags ...

All sleep bags are made in Spain from local fabrics.

Our symbols for the maintenance of sleeping bags

Lavage à 30 degrés   Wash at 30 ° C

Pas de blanchiment                  No bleach

Repassage temperature moyenne (max 150 degrés)                  Iron at medium temperature (max 150 ° C)

Tous solvants autorisés, sauf le trichloréthylène               All solvents except trichlorethylene

Séchage en tambour à température faible       Tumble at very low temperature


Tip : Even if you prefer to tumble dry on a low temperature, we still recommend to hang dry the bag, and then fluff for a maximum of 10 minutes on low.

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