What is a sleeping bag ?

What is a sleeping bag

What is a sleeping bag
for babies ?

The sleeping bag for babies known in northern Europe as “turbulette”or “gigoteuse” has been used for many years as a substitute for blankets and sheets. The principal reason for using the bag is SAFETY. It prevents the baby from sleeping under the blankets which could cause suffocation, and at the same time stops the baby from becoming uncovered during the night and waking up because he or she is cold.
The experts (pediatricians and nurses) recommend the usage of sleeping bag for babies as a safety precaution against “sudden infant death syndrome”. This garment first appeared in 1994 in European countries, such as France and Belgium, in prevention & safety campaigns as a necessary product to protect against the SIDS, achieving a decrease in mortality rate of up to 70%.

Height and Togs


0-4 months: 60 cm
4-12 months: 80 cm

Togs :

“Tog” measures the thermal resistance of the cloth. The warmth of the sleeping bag depends on the “Togs” found within it. They could vary from 0.5 (lightly) to 3 (nicely and warmly).

Our sleeping bags have 2 types of togs:

TOG 3 :Exclusively for wintertime. It is recommended that the baby wear a body suit and pajamas with long sleeve.

TOG 2.5 :Spring and autumn sleeping bags (it is recommended that the baby wear a short sleeve body suit and pajamas), and if worn in the winter, the baby should wear a body suit and long sleeve pajamas.

We recommend that the baby´s room temperature be under 19 º.

Sleep routine:

The baby quickly associates wearing the sleeping bag with bedtime.
Also, when traveling away, it prevents your baby from noticing the changes from sleeping away from home as the bedding is not any different.


The baby sleeping bag is used only with a lower sheet. This way you are saving from using more that one sheet, blankets that suppose a significant expense. As you don’t have to wash that much clothes, you will save in detergent.


Moms save time by not having to make the child’s bed every morning.


The sleeping bag is an original and practical gift.

How do I dress my toddler
with the sleeping bag?

long sleeve cotton body suit and a pajama.
Spring an autumn: long sleeve cotton body suit.

It is not recommended to use our baby sleeping bag for summer but rather just a short sleeve body suit (depending on the location and the temperature).